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The Avengers On Sale 03/26/2024

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by Rizzoli
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A nerdy insider’s celebration of the Avengers’ seminal comic book stories, including the team’s origin, the most significant storylines, and their presence as pop cultural icons.
The Avengers explores the phenomenon of one of Marvel Comics’ most popular super hero teams and the most significant and influential Avengers stories, and includes relevant spinoffs and ancillary comic book characters and events.

Framed by a longtime comic book industry insider and told using hundreds of comic book images, variant covers, and Marvel Cinematic Universe storyboards and concept art, this book recounts the Avengers’ essential stories: from the team’s origins with Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Ant-Man, and the Wasp; to their most iconic battles; to alternate lineups including the Dark Avengers and the West Coast Avengers; and how the Avengers are powerful and relevant in today’s comic book (and super hero film) culture.

With more than three hundred Avengers illustrations, beginning with their inception in the early 1960s to present-day treatments of the group, The Avengers is sure to appeal to new fans looking for a great place to start learning about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, to megafans, and to Marvel collectors alike.

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