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Terms & Conditions

All orders are final no refunds or exchanges will be permitted
Organicpricedbooks reserves the right to cancel all or part of any order.


Promotional Sales
All promotional sales are final.
No exchanges or refunds are permitted.

All Pre-Orders besides Statues are cancellable/editable before release date.

Release Dates
Due to the nature of collectible items, please note that release dates will be subject to change at anytime.
Since we do not have an automatic update software some release dates may not be up to date until a manual inspection.
You can find the most updated release dates for Book related titles below

Indie Publishers:

Book Covers
Please note that product cover images that are provided by the publisher at the time of solicitation may not be the final product once released. From time publishers may change product covers from original solicitation.

Please allow 2 or more weeks for Back-Ordered products. If a book is unavailable for back-order by a distributor, your order will be cancelled and refunded.

Address Changes
If your shipping address needs to be changed, please reach out to our customer support to update your address.

If you have received a shipment confirmation then your item has left our facility within 1-2 days of the shipment notification.
Some carriers such as USPS do not scan our shipment right away and you may receive a shipment confirmation once the package is out for delivery, which could take potentially 2 weeks if using media mail shipping.

Once your package has left our facility we do not have access to any additional information other than what you can find on the carrier's website.

OrganicPricedBooks will not be held liable for delivery issues. If you have delivery issues, you MUST contact the carrier of your choosing for further assistance.

International Shipping
If purchasing an international order, your entire order will be held until the last book is ready for shipment.
Please note if an item in your order is months apart from the rest of your order, it will not be shipped until the last item is ready.

OrganicPricedBooks is not held responsible for any customs/brokage fees that occurs during your shipment.

Organicpricedbooks does not offer returns or exchanges. All requests for returns/exchanges will be handled in a case by case scenario.

Lost in Transit

If your item has been CONFIRMED to be lost in transit by the carrier, a refund or replacement will be given to the customer at our discretion.
If a shipment has been in transit or inactive for 4+ weeks, it will be at OrganicPricedBook's discretion to process a refund or replacement. 

Problem with Order
In a case there is a problem with your order, you must contact us within 7 days of delivery.
OrganicPricedBooks will not be responsible for any problematic orders after 7 days your delivery.

Coupon Codes
If using a "shipittogether" coupon code. We will ship a minimum of 3 items at a time in your order.
We reserve the right to ship your order of 3 items or less if an item gets delayed past original release date.

OrganicPricedBooks reserve the right to cancel/suspend your account at anytime. All unfulfilled orders will be refunded before closure.

Including but not limited to the following reasons:

Harassment: Constant communication containing harmful speech.