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If you live up north especially NY or NJ I would highly recommend purchasing UPS Ground shipping instead due to very long delays in USPS transit times. Some packages been stuck in the distribution center for 3 weeks with no movement.


Happy Friday Everyone!

The first batch of Criminal vol 1&2 have been sold out. I have pre-orders open as I ordered another 2 pallets worth of Criminal Deluxe Hardcovers. Please be aware if you ordered today or later the 2nd batch will not be received until maybe May 10th.

As always feel free to reach out to me with any questions concerns or book requests, I try to answer all messaged within 48 hours. If I have not responded back to you, feel free to send me another email.


Happy Wednesday OPB family! I hope you all are doing very well and enjoying a happy St Patrick's day.So I've been been talking with Diamond all this week and I now have a-lot of clarity moving forward to explain to all you new people! As some of you may know this business has opened in October but I did not launched the website until Feb 12th and you guys have been so supportive!

There are 2 ways we order books from Diamond Initial orders/FOC orders and Re-orders.All books up until May are ordered via Re-Order because I have missed the FOC deadline for alot of recent titles.What this means is Diamond's other facility Star Branch are fulfilling these re-orders and they usually come later 1day to 1 week after release date, this is why a-lot of books recently have been delayed and is coming a-lot later then expected. Recently their Star-Branch facility has been catching up on re-orders and that is why some books are taking 2+ weeks to be received.

So what's going to happen?

I am sorry to say but some books will be received up to 2 weeks after release date from Diamond and there is not much I can do about how they handle their shipments. Hopefully they can catch up on shipments and books will only have a 1 week delay moving forward until May. I know some of you purchased from me expecting much faster shipping times and I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience this has caused a-lot of you recently! But moving forward into May most if not all books will start being scheduled to be received on release date.

Last Note

FOC orders for this month's solicitations are due tomorrow, so please put your orders in to guarantee a copy of your book! I will be placing a much larger quantity of each book so pre-orders will be still available until 80% of the stock is sold out, then the 20% will be available to be purchased when received.So for example if I receive 100 pre-orders of spiderman, I will order 250, and 200 will be available for pre-order and the other 50 will be available after receiving the shipmentNext solicitation will be LIVE on Friday with a whole new collection of pre-orders so stay tuned for Friday's email! Moving forward all pre-orders for the current solicitation will be $5 off, and after FOC price will be raised back to normal.

If you already placed your order, do not worry your order is already secured, its just a matter of receiving the copies from our distributor. Thank you again for your patience and I appreciate your support!

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