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NEW MUTANTS OMNIBUS VOL. 3 On Sale 12/26/2023

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by Marvel
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The next installment of the New Mutants series of omnibuses!
Turmoil and tragedy for the New Mutants! Bird-Brain is the team’s new feathered friend, but when the New Mutants trace his origins to the freak-filled island of the Ani-Mator, one teammate will not return home! The New Mutants are shattered by grief — but when they’re dragged into an outer-space adventure and a revolt in Limbo ignites an Inferno on Earth, the team must ally with X-Factor’s wards, the X-Terminators, to repel an army of demons and save Magik’s soul! Then, when Hela’s evil spell corrupts Mirage’s Valkyrie side, the New Mutants travel to Asgard! But can a handful of mortal mutants defeat the Goddess of Death?

COLLECTING: New Mutants (1983) 55-85, New Mutants Annual (1984) 4, Spellbound (1988) 4, Power Pack (1984) 40, Uncanny X-Men (1981) 231, X-Terminators (1988) 1-4, material from Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 22, Marvel Fanfare (1982) 55, Marvel Super-Heroes (1990) 1, X-Men: Odd Men Out One-Shot (2008)

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