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(W) Paul Murry, Del Connell, Bob Ogle, Luciano Bottaro
New slipcased sets featuring the latest volumes from our popular
Disney Masters series!
This season we offer two sets of Disney Masters slipcased gift boxes! Collector's Box
Set #7 includes adventurous, outrageous Disney comics classics featuring Mickey
and Goofy in ripping high-seas yarns (Volume 13, Mickey Mouse: The Sunken City)
and Donald and Cousin Fethry in the complete run of their wild 1960s comedies
(Volume 14, Donald Duck: Follow the Fearless Leader)! Collector's Box Set #8 showcases
international Disney comics epics: Donald and Uncle Scrooge face a spacealien
invasion (Volume 16, Donald Duck: Jumping' Jupiter) and we feature Mickey
Mouse's inky archenemy, the Phantom Blot, by collecting his full 1960s miniseries
(Volume 15, Mickey Mouse: New Adventures of the Phantom Blot)!
Fantagraphics' Disney Masters series unearths a treasure trove of previously
unavailable comics epics in the grand Walt Disney tradition: expanding the lore of
Mickey, Donald, and Scrooge, anthologizing the work of fan-favorite North American
talents, and bringing you the best of the acclaimed international artists who
have popularized Disney around the world.
Carl Fallberg wrote and drew for Disney (Snow White, Fantasia), Hanna-Barbera
(Scooby Doo), and Warner Brothers (Yosemite Sam) animation studios, and on many
comic book adaptation of animated shows, for more than forty years. Paul Murry
(1911-1989) was a Disney comic book artist who most notably worked on the Mickey
Mouse serials of the 1950s, '60s, and '70s. Del Connell (1918-2011) was a Disney animator/
prolific licensed property comics artist for the publisher Dell/Western/Gold
Key. Robert "Bob" Allen Ogle (1926-1984) was a Californian who primarily worked
in animation as a voice actor, writer, and artist. Luciano Bottaro (1931-2006) was
an Italian comic book artist whose style was appreciated across Europe.
In Shops: Sep 28, 2022
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