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The Horror On Sale 04/09/2024

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Travel with Kurtz and his family as they enter the “heart of darkness” on a humanitarian mission for Belgian King Leopold’s Congo Free State, opening a trading post in the uncharted interior of the Congo jungle to promote free markets and end slavery.
With the help of a local tribe, they establish the post, but to survive in this lawless jungle, they must contend with murderous slave traders from Zanzibar, corrupt Belgian officials, evil imperialists, psychotic explorers, and cannibalistic tribes. Along the way, however, they encounter a primordial evil whose origins and mythology date back to the womb of civilization, perverting minds and corrupting souls while preying on the worst instincts of mankind. The locals speak of this insidious evil in fearful whispers, calling it, “The Horror.”

The Horror provides a prequel to Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”, exploring the origins of one of the most enigmatic characters in storytelling while examining one of the worst atrocities and humanitarian disasters ever recorded.

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