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by Marvel
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In this groundbreaking era, the Venom symbiote and its new host Flash Thompson head from the streets to the stars as a defender of the cosmos!
Flash Thompson, Agent of the Cosmos! If Venom and his new symbiotic sidekick, Mania, survive a war to save Philly from underworld boss Lord Ogre, Flash will have to confront his past as a bully and make a momentous decision about his future! Taking on a new mission as a Space Knight, Venom swashbuckles his way across the universe, helping the helpless and punishing the violent — until he's made to fight in an alien arena! Flash faces one surprising enemy when his symbiotic relationship with his Klyntar becomes one of hunter and prey — and then another as he returns to Earth just in time for CIVIL WAR II and a showdown with one of his oldest friends! Get ready for Venom vs. Spider-Man like you’ve never seen it before!

COLLECTING: Venom (2011) 36-42, Venom: Space Knight (2015) 1-13

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