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by Marvel
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Generation X is a team of young mutants that took the 1990s by storm, and this epic collection contains stories of their adventures that have never been collected before!
What do you get when you merge M with Emplate? M-Plate — and the combined entity spells big trouble for Generation X! Meanwhile, a theft at the Academy exposes secrets that Husk, Jubilee and Skin would rather stay hidden! And as these problems collide, the students face an interdimensional adventure that some of them might not walk away from! At last, Penance’s secrets are revealed — but what will that mean for Monet? Plus: The team deals with Asgardian trolls, Emma Frost suffers a loss of powers just as an old foe returns, and emotions run high for Husk and Chamber! But when Dracula sets up shop in Massachusetts, will Jono end up under the dark prince’s thrall? And can Generation X save Christmas?

COLLECTING: Generation X (1994) 33-47, 1/2; Generation X/Dracula Annual ’98 (1998) 1; X-Men Unlimited (1993) 20; Generation X Holiday Special (1998) 1

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